St Stephen's green Park view from above

Dublin City Parks – Our Top 4 To Enjoy On a Sunny Day

Did you know that just like New York City, Dublin has its own famous city centre park? Find out more about one of the largest parks in Europe, and many other Dublin City Parks!   Dublin features more than 30 gardens and parks, which are not only stunning but also – for the most part … Continued

Pancake Tuesday: 7 Fun Facts About Pancakes

Carnival festivities in Ireland are not common. Those, like the Carnival Party in DTwo this Sunday, are undoubtedly influenced by immigrant communities. Pancake Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday, is a celebration to mark the start of Lent. For Christian communities, Lent is a six-week period of fasting and prayer in preparation for Easter. For these communities, … Continued

Valentine’s Day in Ireland

Roses are red, Violets are blue… Whether you’ve been waiting for it the whole year or find it an overrated commercial con, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! So in this week’s post, we want to take a closer look at this holiday’s history, traditions and, believe it or not, its connection to Ireland! … Continued

Chinese New Year’s celebrations in Dublin!

In just a few days we will be celebrating the Chinese New Year! We are already excited for what’s to come. That’s why we have prepared a short guide about the best ways to spend February 5, 2019 in Dublin for everyone who wants to join the celebrations! The Spring Festival Chinese New Year is … Continued

English idioms | Atlas Language School Dublin

Improve your English on our trips: Bray and the Sea Life aquarium

The social programme here at Atlas Language School means you can visit lots of interesting places in Dublin and further afield. In this series of blogs, you can learn some vocabulary that you can use when you visit these places, or some phrases related to these places that you can try to add to your … Continued

Advice for Students Studying English in Dublin

(Thanks to photographer Adriano Elisei Silva) To whet your appetite for the upcoming series on How to Improve Your English Outside Class, we have some advice from last term’s Intermediate students for making the most of your stay in Dublin. They have arranged their useful words of wisdom into four categories: practical advice, transport, cultural … Continued

English Language Study Guide | Atlas Language School Dublin

Atlas Essentials Study Guide

Happy New Year! To welcome you into 2016 we have a little present. The first in our new Atlas Essentials series of FREE downloadable Pdfs – Volume 1 Keeping a Vocabulary Notebook – is now available here: Atlas Essentials Vol. 1 – Keeping a Vocabulary Notebook.pdf Further volumes will follow throughout 2016, consolidating and developing … Continued

How to Revise Vocabulary – Part 2

In the last blog we finished up by introducing you to some activities that can help when you’re revising vocabulary. The first activity was personalization and today we’re going to look at some further ways to revisit and reuse the vocabulary you have recorded. Let’s get going. 1. Mental Associations: The more associations you make, … Continued

How to revise Vocabulary

How to Revise Vocabulary – Part 1

In this post – the first of two on revising vocabulary – we will show you a few techniques to help you revise and remember the vocabulary in your notebooks. Many students have problems trying to remember vocabulary. For example, you study something in class, or write a great expression in your notebook, and then, … Continued

How to Organize your Notebook

In the notebooks we use in class, we often write new words in alphabetical order, sometimes with a translation of that word into our first language, or maybe with an explanation in English. However, your Vocabulary Notebook should be organized more effectively. One way of doing this is by recording vocabulary – collocations and patterns … Continued