5 Study Tips for Successful Online Classes

Focusing at home can be very challenging, especially if you are sharing space with other people. Online courses require good time management skills, self-discipline, willpower, and strong motivation. So here are some useful tips to put into practice in order to make the most of your online course. 1. Create a regular study space and … Continued

Learning a Language with Netflix

Make the most of those Netflix hours!  Learning English is not only about going to class and doing your homework. Although both things are, of course, very important, learning a new language is also about grabbing every opportunity that comes up outside the classroom to familiarise yourself with new words and expressions. And this doesn’t … Continued

MAY you discover ancient Irish traditions?

Whether you are already living in Ireland or planning on coming here soon – you must know that the country is really attached to its ancient traditions! May Day, which is held on the 1 st of May, has been celebrated all over Ireland since pagan time as the Celtic Feast of La Bealtaine. This … Continued

It’s Time to Go Green: Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Now is the perfect time to celebrate the Irish culture and history. Make sure to read this post to prepare for one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year!   Whether you are already living in Ireland or planning on coming here soon – perhaps on an exchange to improve your English, here at … Continued

A Very Irish Christmas: A List of The Best Irish Christmas Traditions

As you turn on your favourite Christmas songs playlist and choose the perfect ugly Christmas sweater to wear on the day, have a look at this post about seasonal Irish Traditions. You will see that the Irish surely know how to prepare for Christmas… From the festive lights, to the enormous trees and the wonderfully … Continued

New To Dublin? Here Is Our Top 10 Best Apps For You

Whether you are planning your first studying experience and you are thinking of travelling to Ireland, or you have just landed and need some help to get around the lovely city of Dublin, this is definitely the right guide for you!  Make the most out of your stay in Dublin, never miss a bus and … Continued

The History Of Portobello House

Everything you need to know about our school’s building in Dublin City. You have seen it under the pouring rain and during the sunniest of days, you know every creaking door and uneven step, you have looked through every window and visited all floors…or have you? It’s time you take a deeper look into our … Continued

Oktoberfest is coming…to Atlas!

So you think you know everything about beer and pretzels…but what if we asked you about your dirndl or your masskrug? Nothing? Well, you might want to revise that A.S.A.P, because here at Atlas we will be hosting our own Oktoberfest, and you don’t want to come unprepared. Oktoberfest is known to be the largest … Continued