Jin Dongkang, South Korea

Hi Jin! Why did you decide to come to Dublin?

At first I chose Canada, but people said that if you came to Dublin you can go to other countries easily and in Dublin there’s a small number of Koreans so you’ll have a better chance to talk with people in English.

Tell us about your experience in Dublin.

I think that Dublin is a good place for Koreans to learn English because we have the chance to live the language. My most impressive experience is being with the host family because they always take care of me and they always help me to improve my English- talking to me, asking about the subject of the class, or about my life and they always explain Irish culture to me. Through this family, I could learn Irish culture and I could adapt into Irish life easier. I’ll always be thankful for them.

Is there anything that you found strange?

The weather is very moody! Dublin can have four seasons in just one day. Also, the food! In Korea people have to eat rice every day and here it’s always potatoes or bread, but it’s good, too.

Have you had other experiences outside of your country?

Last year I went to Ethiopia for a Volunteer Job. I went to the suburbs and I could see the way they live. Before I went there, I guessed they were pessimistic about their lives. Now I feel bad because I realise that I always complain about everything in my life and despite their situation they are really happy people. I learned a lot through this experience.

Do you have any advice for students who are new to Dublin?

Firstly, when you are new, maybe you’ll feel embarrassed because you can’t understand what the people are saying to you or even the class. But it’s natural! I also experienced the same so never feel frustrated! Time will help you! It takes time to adapt. Secondly, the weather here is not always good but you can get used to it.

Finally, what do you think about Atlas?

Atlas is the best school in my life! When I arrived I was surprised by the teachers, they always teach us enthusiastically so I can learn many things from them and I can feel that I have improved my English. The staff helps me when I need it, they are always kind and friendly when I visit the office. So I love everything about Atlas and I recommend this school to everybody!

Thank you Jin!