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无论您希望参加暑期课程、提高商务英语水平或是备考,Atlas Language School(都柏林)都能为您提供合适的学习计划。Atlas 的培训宗旨是通过有趣、友好而具有挑战性的学习环境,最大限度地发挥您的潜能。从您开始学习英语课程的那一刻起,我们便会帮助您提高学习能力,达到您的英语学习目标。


"I really like the atmosphere in the school, because it is a mixture of so many different cultures from all over the world."

Celine Mäser, Germany. Aug '17

"Being a student at Atlas is not just about learning English but also about cultural experiences and understanding your attitude to different cultures, mentalities and politics."

Olga Zalomova, Russia. Jul '17

"I love Atlas! I love that the school offers different afternoon classes, for example drama or English through music."

Joyce Neves Machado, BRazil. July '17

"I haven’t only improved my English, I also learned about other cultures and this changed my way of thinking and it opened my horizon"

Mariko Kobayashi, Japan. July '17

"My teacher is very patient when someone makes a mistake. I like that the school organizes many activities."

George-Yeelon Lin, Taiwan. June '17