• 20 hours group tuition (FCE Preparation) / week
  • Course Code: FCE20
  • Level: Upper-Intermediate

The First Certificate of English (FCE) is a University of Cambridge ESOL examinaition designed for people who use everyday written and spoken English at an upper-intermediate level. The FCE examination is an extremely popular, internationally recognised qualification in English. The FCE examinations are held in Ireland in March, June, August and December.

In the exam the 5 papers are divided into sections, or parts:

Reading – Three sections with 30 questions. (60 minutes)
Writing – Two tasks. (80 minutes)
Use of English – Four sections with 42 questions. (45 minutes)
Listening – Four sections with 30 questions. (40 minutes)
Speaking – Four sections. (15 minutes)

The Full-time FCE course provides comprehensive preparation and practice for all five papers. Lessons focus on key grammar and vocabulary, skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) development and exam strategies. Through the course, learners will become familiar with each part of the exam and will develop proven strategies and approaches to ensure optimum exam performance.

In addition to the regular tuition hours, all FCE candidates will receive a weekly practice paper to complete in their own time – an experienced FCE teacher will correct the paper and provide constructive feedback and advice.
There is also a weekly listening practice test, and each candidate will have at least two full mock-speaking papers prior to their exam date.

So, whether you are interested in the FCE for a specific purpose, or would just prefer a structured general English course with a balance of skills development and language learning, the Full-time FCE course should proof a rewarding and effective language learning experience.

Features of our FCE preparation courses

  • Experienced FCE preparation teachers who know and understand the exam
  • Focus on improving skills and exam technique
  • All FCE courses developed and supervised by our Academic Manager who is a Cambridge examiner
  • Full mock exam prepared and corrected to Cambridge standards


Session A
Session B
MONDAY9.00am - 10.40am11.10am - 12.50pm
TUESDAY9.00am - 10.40am11.10am - 12.50pm
WEDNESDAY9.00am - 10.40am11.10am - 12.50pm
THURSDAY9.00am - 10.40am11.10am - 12.50pm
FRIDAY9.00am - 10.40am11.10am - 12.50pm

Included in this course:

  • Social and Cultural Programme at discounted prices
  • Access to afternoon electives
  • Free Wifi and computer room access
  • End of Course Completion Certificate detailing student’s level


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